9/4, early morning


I really appreciate the reach of social networking. I am quite fond of Facebook and Twitter and have certainly enjoyed the emails I have received. My focus this week and the content of the podcasts remind me that recovery is about choice: how you want to recover, the people you want involved in your recovery, the volunteer work you do, meetings you might attend, a therapist you choose to see, and what you want to focus on to help you feel better.  I think it is important that you realize that you get credit for the work you do and that you should feel good for the time, the commitment and the choices you make to stay sober. There are many people who wish to find sobriety and need help – if you have found a path of recovery that enables you stay sober, congrats. You deserve the rewards of your hard work and the choices you have made to get here.

I started a live radio show on Blogtalkradio.com. My next show is 9/8/11 @ 9:30 pm.  Please feel free to tune in.





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