List of Support groups

Crystal Meth Anonymous:
Strength  Over Speed    (seattle based)

Other supports:

Smart Recovery:
Women for Sobriety:
Smart Recovery:
Secular Organization for Sobriety:
Jews in Recovery:
Chemically Dependent Anonymous:
Methadone Support:
Moms off Meth
Recoveries Anonymous:
Afirm:  (methadone focus)

Bipolar Significant Others:
Bipolar World:
Depressed Anonymous:
Depression/Bipolar Support Alliance
Dual-recovery Anonymous:

Moderation Management:
Harm Reduction for Alcohol:
Help Yourself:
Self-Help group locator:
Families Anonymous:

Support for people living with a problem drinker:

Helpful sites:


I’d also invite you to explore information on recovery capital / natural recovery / naltrexone / Prazosin (helps with opiate and Cocaine and meth cravings), as well as information on harm-reduction.

For reading material take a peek at Alan Marlatt and William White:

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